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Hammam Fez

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Welcome to the Hammam Medina

Why Us

We have created a hybrid between the local hammam frequented by Moroccans and  the hammam offered by a high end hotel in order to let you ENJOY the experience at a reasonable cost.

Hammam Medina

By adapting Moroccan tradition to Western sensibilities you will leave relaxed, rejuvenated and refreshed.


All of our treatments commence with a visit to the hammam, this experience will last for around 45 minutes.  

Afterwards you can either relax or choose from our range of other treatments.


We offer a  genuine experience suitable for Western sensitivities.

Whilst in the Hammam you are totally private . We do not scrape, scrub or pummel you.


For those travelling to Morocco a visit to hammam is a genuine cultural experience as real as the souks and medina. They provide an overall wellness both for the body and the spirit.

Hammam Medina is a traditional hammam which adapts Moroccan traditions to Western sensibilities. When you arrive, you will be given complementary tea and the history of the Moroccan hammam will be explained.

After changing you will be taken to our intimate hammam room where you will be left in private to enjoy and relax in the tranquil atmosphere. You will have the opportunity to use soap derived from black olives to deep clean your skin, and then, if you wish to exfoliates before rinsing off.

Afterward your hammam you can relax as long as you wish either in our lounge or on the terrace or …..choose from some of our other treatments.

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